About Us

Translation is cross-cultural communication at its best, never omitting anything from the original, never adding extraneous matter from out side. Indeed, it is an accurate, clear-mirror reflection of the original.

Late Prof.L.Gundappa MA- 1903-1986 Lexicographer


The vision of L A SOLUTIONS is largely a celebration and personification of the succinct definition quoted above. Begun in 2009 as a one man, gleam-in-the-eye-ambition of an adventurous and off-beat entrepreneur, Pradeep Hebballi, L A SOLUTIONS has grown into a major provider of Global translation services.

From an idea cacoon, L A SOLUTIONS has emerged as a colourful, powerful butterfly with Powerful wings, L A SOLUTIONS has flitted all over, and is now a truly world wide presence. Efficient, expert and serving excellence, in every sense.

The Vision

To Metamorphose, evolve, and mature into one of the best global service provides in translation. To become the most reliable company, world wide, in offering expert translation services.

The Mission

*To provide translations of top quality.
* To always deliver all works and services undertaken well within accepted time limits.
* To ensure legally indisputable translations with speed, accuracy and efficiency.
* To be always open to new ideas, harness technology and be innovative, creative and co-operative.

Our Services

  • Proof reading The classic case of a convict, about to be hanged, who was let off due to a misplaced comma comes to mind. The original order read: “SPAREMIM NOT, HANGHIM”.
  • Data Entryfor proper storages and retrieval of documented communication, efficiency in data entry is crucial.
  • Voice Over is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industrypsum has been.
  • Content Writing is simply dummy text of the prting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been.
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